Goddess Conference Australia – 18/19/20 October 2019


The ticket price for attending this 3 day Conference includes: All ceremonies and workshops – Your accommodation – All meals – Free vendor table (If you have not notified us by the 1st of October you will not be allocated a vendor table).

If you include Thursday night accommodation. Please note – you will be responsible for providing your own dinner and breakfast on Friday morning.

We are now using eventgate as our ticketing system.


Click here to buy your ticket and register


If you would like to be in service you may become a Melissa and we offer you a greatly reduced ticket price of $300

About Melissa – The word Melissa comes from Greek origin and means ‘honey bee’ and were the carer nymphs of the Bee Goddess in Crete. So Melissa is the term we use for the wonderful women who volunteer to come and be of service to the Priestess committee and community for this Goddess conference.

As a Conference Melissa, we ask that you be willing to be in service to the Goddess and to be:

1. Available from 9am Thurs 17th Oct – 7pm Sun 20th Oct.

2. Physically and mentally fit and well

3. Willing and able to move furniture around and lift loads of up to 10 kg

4. Willing to cooperate with others and work in a team and take direction

5. Willing and able to look after your own emotional needs

6. Willing not to take things personally

7. Willing to share a dormitory with the other Melissae

8. Willing if required to check in for service every morning, break time and meal time

9. Able to pay the conference Melissa discount rate to cover your direct food and accommodation costs

10. Wanting to have as much fun and laughter as you can stand!

As a Conference Melissa, we will provide for you:
1. Accommodation for the extra night on the Thurs evening

2. A dedicated Priestess of the Goddess as your Team Leader

3. Opportunity to learn how to work in team with other wonderful women in Service to Goddess

4. Opportunity to share in private ceremonies and rituals before, during and after conference

5. As much fun and laughter as you can stand!

Please email Maree Lipschitz for an application form or if you have any other queries.