Banner Artist

Goddess Conference Australia – 14/15/16 September 2018

From the artist who created our wonderful Conference Artwork/Logo

Maroonge watbulla wadgimon, my name is Sal Lavallee and I am a Ngarigo buhlung
(Ngarigo woman), artist from the Ngarigo nation. The Ngarigo reaches from the Monaro plains of Southern NSW, the Australian Alps and Gippsland VIC.

My art is inspired by both traditional and contemporary style, through stories from my Grandmothers country and personal spiritual experience. My Ngarigo spirituality is foremost important to me and is engrained into my very being – everything I do and everything I am comes back to my ancestors and the spirit of the land. My calling from the Goddess and her mysteries started as a teenager and has led me on a
diverse yet totally whole spiritual path.

I am happy that this conference being held on Aboriginal land is respecting the spirituality of the land and it’s traditional owners – by honouring the traditional owners and ancestors and acknowledging one of our most special creator spirits that often crosses Aboriginal nations and stories, the great rainbow serpent

May her ancient strength, fierce passion, protection, death and rebirth remind you of the spirit of the land you walk during this conference.
From my heart, to your heart, from the heart of the Goddess I wish you many blessings, enjoy the conference.