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20/21/22 October 2017

Goddess Conference Australia




The Quickening

“I AM THE Quickening………I am the cauldron which is the stirring and rising of consciousness……….. I am that spark of life, the tiny light that shines deep in the distance…………. I am the voice which whispers that your spiritual quickening is underway……

I AM THE Quickening…….I am the call to your spirit to Awaken…….. I bid you to recognise the quickening is a process of Awakening…………Awakening to the Goddess…… This awakening is touching each of you according to your needs. I am the Quickening….and I call upon you to understand we are all precious and loved, We Are All Related……in Divine Timing……I call upon you to evolve and to raise your awareness that there is so much more to life than what’s before your mundane eyes.

I am the Quickening,  and I urge you to realize you are not simply bodies with spirits but you are truly Spirit….One.

I AM the Quickening”


At our last Conference, for Women on the Many Paths to the Goddess,  we celebrated the Void and the potentiality of everything as well as the no-thing-ness of creation. This year we celebrate the next turn of the wheel of transformation which is The Quickening.

A Conference for Women on the Many Paths to the Goddess

There are many ways and many paths to the Divine Feminine, and women are worshipping the Goddess as Mary, Kali, Kuan Yin, Hecate, Tara, Hokmah, Shekinah, Sophia, Cybele, Brigit and so many more.

Here in Australia, there has never been an Indigenous Goddess tradition per se, though there are many powerful Ancestor and Creator Beings who are Feminine. The link for us all in this tapestry of devotion is the Land. The Divine Feminine as She expresses Herself in the Land links us all. And here in Australia, the Supreme Feminine Creator being of this Land is the Rainbow Serpent. Let us Gather in Her name, in this Cauldron of Potential, in all our glorious diversity.

This Conference is about celebrating our glorious diversity. There are numerous ways a woman can find the Goddess. Some do it through study, others do it through devotion, and others do it through the tarot, oracles, drumming, craft, art, dance; there are a myriad paths to Goddess.   We also worship Her through many traditions and cultures and by being devoted to one particular Goddess or several.


Our intention is to build community, create sacred space, celebrate the Goddess,
empower ourselves and each other, and explore the mysteries of the Divine Feminine.
Our vision is to make this an annual event, and perhaps introducing each year a
different Goddess to be honoured. This will unfold as we journey together.

Goddess Conference Australia
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